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Project Description
A plugin for Windows Live Writer: it combines an RSS/Atom-based link insert tool and a category heading insert tool (with linked Table of Contents).

  • Insert Starred Links: This plugin retrieves blog entries from a Google Reader Starred (or Shared) Items Atom feed and inserts links for each item published since your last blog post. There are options to customize the feed Url, feed type (Rss or Atom), and more. The plugin also builds a list of commonly used categories in my link blog, adds headers for each, and generates a Table of Contents at the top with links to each heading. After generating the categories, the plugin does its best to put links into categories, based on either the blog's author or keywords in the blog entry's title. Any unmapped links are put under Miscellaneous.

This project is written in C# and targets the .NET Framework 3.5 framework.

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